Handmade ceramics is an art formed from earth, explored through the soul, and transformed into something special! The process of transforming plain clay into a creation is really magical! There is a harmony in shaping each item, hence the clay is given character. Then, it is let to dry naturally, in order to be carefully fired in the kiln and then painted with vibrant colours, to give it life! This is that unique gift that we provide you with!

The company is situated in the mountainous area of Kozani, Greece. Greece has a rich history in ceramic arts, which must be continued for years to come. It is an art which expresses every ceramics artist. Every item is made with special care and love, and each has a story to tell!

The vast variety of items has something for everyone! You can decorate your home all year round! Festive seasons are enhanced with seasonal decorations! Children’s baptisms or baby showers can be expressed with unique favors! Guests at your wedding can be thanked with a special favor! And at any party, you can give your friends any special thank you gifts! Or, just something for yourself, made with special care!

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